Sep 9, 2017

Passenger trains ruled the day on the Evergreen!

Two members without communicating what they are planning to bring to the club this week ran near exact copies of the North Coast Limited. One of them is owned by
Marvin Sheppard and the other is owned by Greg Mercier but I don't know which is which.
Now they are going in different directions and this would have happened every day somewhere on the system as they traveled from St. Paul, MN to Seattle, WA. I did it
3 times before I moved out to Spokane in 1967.
Short Amtrak train runs on the Red line as it gets the green from the semaphore as it passes through. Life is good!
It's even better with 2 P40s moving many cars on the Blue Main. We rode this train 2 months ago to Havre, Montana as a 24 hour marathon.
The eras don't match up as an SP&S passenger train comes out of a tunnel with Amtrak F40s move a Talgo train that ran along the coast of Washington State. The caers
look like they are the wrong scale but they are!
Jim Bowden had his Alaska train making the rounds with his 1999 version of what ran. I took the photo with available light through the front window to add to the drama
of the scene. It looks like it is twilight as the sun receeds.

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