Nov 17, 2015

Living The Dream with models.

Capturing a moment in time where 2 completely different technologies pass each other in the night of imagination ( well daytime is more real). Here we have an old 4-4-0 Civil War era steamer burning wood as a fuel and the other being a gas turbine running an aircraft motor to make electricity to run the motors wrapped around the axles for traction. What a choice!
The real victor turned out to be neither of the prior choices but diesel engines that generate electricity to turn those pesky traction motors that wrap around those axles. EMD built thousands of these F units that proved the theory that was the most economical way to go. Janis owns this GN passenger train!  
You're in Weso Country now! Steve ( grey shirt) shows off with 4 BNSF engines pulling an amazing 40 car train mostly of extra long freight cars. See that green and silver auto rack in the background? That's the tail car!
Here is the Weso train again in the front of the layout as it passes a container train waiting his turn. These auto racks and the locos are the same train! Atta boy Steve!
Tom Kirk brought out the club Challenger and cars and had a nice passenger train working the line.

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