Jun 6, 2015

SP&S rules the Evergreen!

The Queen Mary is what they could call the SP&S #750 as she was the only E unit on the roster. Here she leads a Steve Wesloski passenger train with a lowly F unit in tow past the Spokane International yard.
Here she pulls into the Evergreen Union Station to pick up more customers on their way to Spokane.
Her journey passes a freight train pulled by Keith's Alco FA power heading in the other direction.
The square nose of an FA was a distinctive difference from the EMD
F units that were the standard around the country.
Staying out of the traffic were my SP&S C-636s as they needed maintanance on something or another.
They meet up with each other again on this crossover in the front part of the layout. The engineer of #750 is going to be surprised when he comes to an abrupt dead end. But I got the shot...right?

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