Aug 27, 2013

Back in the saddle!

Greetings Greeners and Wannabegreeners.,
I have been offline for more than a week so i got some catching up to do. When a computer crashes it makes a big hole in my communication skills. New mwmber Cal Tucker had his new UO 4-6-6-4 running the rails last week and he sure got a beauty! The sounds this thing makes will think you are watching the real thing! 
Allan treated us with his 2 Canadian passenger trains with this rebuilt 2-10-4 leading the way on his Canadian Pacific train. This was a common looking steamer but Allan and his faithful N scale freind Jon made it into this magnificent machine. It is impresive!
The other Canadian train is a Canadian National bullrt nose Betty that was also madified by Allan to make it another showpiece.
3 weeks ago this was pieces of a passenger car that I helped with the base color and Al got so excited about the project that he fired up his own airbrush and finished it!
People ride the Canadian National dome cars!
The Evergreen fleet was out in force doing a good job in keeping the evil dirt from the rails. Soon Evergreen will have a caboose for the crew so they can go to the bathroom and do whatever crews do in cabooses. Leaning out of the cab door is not nice for relief.
The tide is in at the Port District has Allan picked up a 4x8' panel of 1/8 inch plastic that has a water looking surface. Now we will try to get it to look like seaport water.Stay tuned!

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