Apr 4, 2013

More of the same!

Thursday night has a few more views that I had left over so here they are. Burt's new 2-6-0 puts on a show on Mt. Whitney.  Maybe I should not bring this up but do I detect some coal dust coming off the tender?  But its a model!
We had a few visitors on our Thursday night run checking out the famous California Zephyr owned by Idaho magnate Steve Walton.  Its heading for California the land of....oh, never mind!
Mr. Wishram, Keith Wiles has his favorite railroad and passenger train running on the high iron. SP&S purchased a number of cars from the Katy RR and the others are in Great Northern colors but owned by the SP&S to run across the country to Minneapolis with the Empire Builder out of Spokane.
We got a traffic jam with 3 trains but only 2 tracks as the trains approach the tunnels. Spike Gorley is running his CP passenger train. John Smith has the Southern Pacific Cab Forward with an ice reefer block and Chad has my Milwaukee Fs in the opposing direction.  Burt's smaller oil tanks are also in the scene. Soon we will weather road and add pot holes and cracks in the port district. Stay tuned!
Burt's little steamer crosses one of our large bridges on the Green Mine branch. Woops, I forgot the coal dust!

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    There are some amazing pictures of you're layout, you have got to love the wooden bridge on the top photograph. Keep up the god work.